Quick Answer: Is No Reason A Reason?

Is it right to say reason why?

Reason why is not only not ungrammatical or harmlessly redundant, but it’s a legitimately correct and fully grammatical construction.

Just because there are other options doesn’t mean one is right and the rest are wrong..

What does have every reason mean?

It’s saying it’s reasonable to believe that she’ll get better. Every reason in this sentence means that all known facts, up to this point, indicate a positive outcome.

What is to reason?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a statement given to explain a belief or an act My parents gave a reason for my absence. 2 : a fact that makes something right or fair to do I have reasons for what I did. 3 : cause entry 1 sense 1 The child wanted to know the reason for rain. 4 : the power to think and understand in a logical way.

What is a supporting reason?

Begin your body paragraphs with clearly stated reasons which serve as that paragraph’s topic sentence. B. Develop these by giving specific supporting evidence (grounds). C. Give some attention to the warrant and backing for each reason (the value, belief, or principle and evidence to support it)

Is because a reason?

‘The Reason Is Because’: Redundant But Acceptable. … The fact is because does not always mean “for the reason that.” It can also be understood to mean “the fact that” or simply “that.” With either of these meanings substituted in the phrase, the phrase “the reason is because” makes sense and is not necessarily redundant.

What can I say instead of the reason?

for this reasonaccordingly.so.then.thus.consequently.hence.ergo.for.

What is the role of reason?

Reasons have two functions. One is to justify ourselves and the other is to convince others. Reason is one intuitive mechanism among others; it produces intuitions about reasons.

What is the difference between will and reason?

Where the will is determined by reason in accordance with which action is performed, reason is practical, i.e. action-directing. Reason has, in other words, the capacity to direct action. Further, where the will is guided by reason, it is free.

What is a better word for reason?

Words related to reason logic, reasoning, sense, motivation, goal, basis, idea, incentive, argument, motive, impetus, purpose, rationale, consideration, cause, proof, case, justification, excuse, speculate.

What is it called when you have a reason to do something?

motive. noun. the reason that you do something.

What is a fancy word for reason?

A cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event. grounds. cause. motive.