Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between A 10 Inch And 12 Inch Rough In Toilet?

Can I replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet?

Yes, provided it leaves enough room.

It sticks out more from the wall.

We needed to replace a toilet in a space so cramped (a pedestal sink was right in front) an elongated model would make access awkward..

Does Kohler make a 10 inch rough in toilet?

The KOHLER K-3851-0 CIMARRON TWO-PIECE TOILET WITH 10-INCH ROUGH-IN is our top pick because it uses Aqua Piston Flush Technology to remove more waste with every single flush. The comfort height also makes it suitable for use in bathrooms designed for those with disabilities.

How do you measure a 10 rough in for a toilet?

To measure the rough-in for your toilet, measure from the wall behind to the toilet to the middle of the closet bolt caps on your current toilet. The closet bolts are the bolts holding your toilet to the floor. If you have baseboards or tiling on the wall behind the toilet, do not include those in your measurement.

How do you measure rough in for a new toilet?

Measure for fit The rough-in measurement is the distance from the wall to the middle of the toilet flange, which lines up with the center of the hold-down bolts. For a toilet with two bolts on each side, measure to the center of the back bolt.

Can you replace a 14 inch rough in toilet with a 12 inch rough in toilet?

The standard distance from the back wall is 12 inches, or 12-1/2 inches from the center of the flange to the wall framing. In this regard, can you replace a 14 inch rough in toilet with a 12 inch rough in toilet? Any 12″ toilet will work for a 14″ rough.

How far from the wall should a toilet rough in Be?

12 inchesThe toilet rough-in refers to the distance from the finished wall to the center of the toilet’s floor drain or waste outlet. Most toilets have a rough-in of 12 inches, although it’s not uncommon for older homes to have an unusual size such as 10″ or 14″.

What is meant by rough in size for toilets?

Toilet Rough-In Measurements and Standards Start by measuring the rough-in size. This is the distance between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the drainpipe or the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor. It’s best to perform this measurement before you remove the old toilet.

What is the best toilet height?

Unlike standard bowls, whose rims stand about 14 or 15 inches above the floor, most “comfort height” toilets are 17 to 19 inches high. Some people find them to be more comfortable to use because the added height makes it easier to get on and off the throne.

What toilet is best for not clogging?

Best No Clog ToiletsProduct NameHighlighted FeaturesWoodbridge T-0001 Dual Flush ElongatedEasy to clean design Ceramic material Comfort height design High-end soft closing seatTOTO Eco UltramaxVitreous china material Siphon jet flushing action Gallons Per Flush: 1.28 GPF Wide 3-Inch flush valve3 more rows•Mar 4, 2020

Can you replace a 10 inch rough in toilet with a 12 inch rough in toilet?

Ideally, the toilet’s rough-in should match the rough-in for your bathroom plumbing. However, even if a toilet is designed for a 10-inch rough-in, you can still install it into a space that has a 12-inch rough-in.

What is a 10 rough in toilet?

A toilet’s rough-in refers to the measurement dimension from the finished wall to the center of mounting holes on the floor flange. Toilets are typically offered in either 10 inch, 12 inch, or 14 inch rough-ins. … We also carry 10 inch rough toilets here. Finally we didn’t forget the big 14 inch rough toilets right here.

How do you know when you need a new toilet?

5 Signs You Need A New ToiletThere are cracks in your tank. If you frequently see a puddle of water around your toilet, this could be more than a simple leak: You could have cracks in your tank, and the toilet may need to be replaced. … You have an old toilet. … You feel it wobble. … You’ve had to fix it often. … You have a round bowl.