Quick Answer: How Much Do PetSmart Groomers Get Paid?

How much do Petco groomers get paid?

The typical Petco Pet Groomer makes $10 per hour.

Pet Groomer hourly pay at Petco can range from $8 – $17..

Do pet groomers make good money?

The median salary for dog groomers is $22,710 as of May 2016. That means that half earn more and half earn less. Dog groomers who work in salons or run their own businesses tend to make more money than those who work in retail settings. Depending on where they work, groomers get paid per hour or per animal.

How much do groomers make an hour?

How much does a Pet Groomer make in Canada?CityAverage salaryPet Groomer in Vancouver, BC 8 salaries$18.85 per hourPet Groomer in Mississauga, ON 12 salaries$15.85 per hourPet Groomer in Calgary, AB 6 salaries$18.18 per hourPet Groomer in Brampton, ON 7 salaries$33,872 per year1 more row•Aug 31, 2020

How much do self employed dog groomers make?

What can a dog groomer expect to earn? Obviously salary will depend on your level of experience, the length of time you’ve been in the business and the number of hours you work, but on average the median hourly rate for a pet groomer ranges from $16.76 to $26.03**.

How long do you have to go to school to be a dog groomer?

There are no strict formal education requirements for becoming a dog groomer; however, employers usually prefer candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent. Most groomers acquire training through apprenticeship programs, which typically last 6-10 weeks.

Do PetSmart groomers get tips?

Are you supposed to tip a dog groomer at PetSmart? – Quora. Are you supposed to tip a dog groomer at PetSmart? … So, yes, please treat your groomer as you would your beautician.

How much do PetSmart pay an hour?

How much does PetSmart in the United States pay? Average PetSmart hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.96 per hour for Cashier/Stocker to $19.84 per hour for Territory Manager.

What is starting pay at Petco?

pays its employees an average of $12.48 an hour. Hourly pay at Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. ranges from an average of $9.55 to $19.18 an hour. Petco Animal Supplies, Inc.

Do PetSmart groomer trainees get paid?

The typical PetSmart Groomer Apprentice makes $10 per hour. Groomer Apprentice hourly pay at PetSmart can range from $9 – $14.

Do I tip a dog groomer?

In general, you should tip your groomer 15 to 20 percent of the service total. Appreciation tips are a token of gratitude and are whatever you can afford. Your groomer will sometimes throw in extra services at no charge, such as adding conditioner, brushing teeth or grinding nails.

How much does a bather groomer make at PetSmart?

How much does a Pet Bather make at PetSmart in the United States? Average PetSmart Pet Bather hourly pay in the United States is approximately $11.45, which meets the national average.

Is it hard to become a dog groomer?

Being a dog groomer is very rewarding and satisfying. However, it is a skilled roll and requires months of training from a reputable establishment. A dog groomer not only needs the love for dogs, bu… The challenges are recognising dangerous dog breeds and understanding their personalities.