Quick Answer: What Does CA Mean In Chemistry?

Which is best CA or CLAT?

As the question is worded, CLAT is better.

Tough one.

My advice, quite honestly: As a son of a CA surrounded by that world and someone who ‘cracked’ the CLAT, the CLAT is easier as a process since it’s just one exam, but it’s an entrance exam to get into a college..

What does CA mean in writing?

Circa, which translates as “around” or “approximately,” usually appears with dates. You may see it abbreviated as c. or ca.

What does CA mean in school?

CA in EducationCAChronological Age Special Education, Medical, Disability EducationCACognitive Apprenticeship Apprenticeship, Teaching, StudentCACollective Agreement Agreement, Collective, UniversityC.A.Central America America, Locations, GuatemalaCaCalcium Medical, Chemistry, Chemical Element15 more rows

Can a CA become lawyer?

A. Yes, direction given by the Council under Clause (7) of Part I of the First Schedule to the CA Act prescribes that a chartered accountant in practice who is otherwise eligible may practice as advocate, subject to the permission of the Bar Council.

What is the abbreviation for law?

(as far as the law permitteth) in justice to remember mercy; and to cast a severe eye upon the example, but a merciful eye upon the person….LAW.AcronymDefinitionLAWLeague of American Writers (est. 1935)LAWLive Audio WrestlingLAWLadies against WomenLAWLeague of American Wheelmen20 more rows

What does NB stand for?

Latin nota beneN.B. is an abbreviation for the Latin nota bene, which means “note well.” It is normally used at the beginning of a sentence in order to inform the reader that the following words are of great importance.

What does CA mean?

Chartered AccountantChartered Accountant. Circa, meaning approximately. Civil affairs, a term used by both the United Nations and by military institutions.

What does CA stand for in a date?

Circa? Often dates will be preceded with a “c.” or a “ca.” These are abbreviations of the Latin word “circa” which means around, or approximately. We use this before a date to indicate that we do not know exactly when something happened, so c. 400 B.C.E.

What is a CA in law?

CA # — Court of Appeals (Court of Appeals for the #th Circuit)

What does CA stand for in states?

Abbreviation of California, a state of the United States of America. Abbreviation of Canada, a country in North America.

Does CA conduct electricity?

While calcium is a poorer conductor of electricity than copper or aluminium by volume, it is a better conductor by mass than both due to its very low density.

What is the chemical symbol of silver?


Why is calcium’s symbol CA?

It’s calcium of course! … Calcium was named after the Latin term calx meaning lime, and is a reactive silvery metallic element found in Group 2 of the periodic table. It was first isolated in 1808 in England when Sir Humphry Davy electrolyzed a mixture of lime and mercuric oxide.

What does born ca mean?

: at approximately, in approximately, or of approximately —used especially with datesborn circa 1600.

What is CA chemistry?

Calcium is a chemical element with symbol Ca and atomic number 20. Classified as an alkaline earth metal, Calcium is a solid at room temperature.

Does CA stand for Canada?

CA is an abbreviation for the Latin word “circa.” It is used as initials for California or Central America. … It is also the official two-letter abbreviation for Canada.

What does BP mean in dating?

years before presentThe ages are expressed in years before present (BP) where “present” is defined as AD 1950.

What does CA mean before a price?

Dollar currencies are really hard to work with. The symbol for CAD (Canadian dollars) is “$” in Canada, but it is “CA$” in the US and everywhere else to avoid confusion with US Dollars. So if we followed CLDR, Canadian members would see “$1.00”.

What is CA in medicine?

CA: 1. Short (and slang) for cancer and carcinoma. 2. Abbreviation for cardiac arrest; chronological age; coronary artery.

Is CA short for California?

Shortened forms of the state’s name include CA, Cal., Cali, Calif., and US-CA.

What does B mean before a date?

b. or bur. – Date of burial. C. – abbreviation of latin word “circa” meaning an approximate date or time. d.