Question: What Items Are ITAR Controlled?

What is USML category?

30, 2019.

(a) U.S.

Munitions List.

In this part, articles, services, and related technical data are designated as defense articles or defense services pursuant to sections 38 and 47(7) of the Arms Export Control Act and constitute the U.S.

Munitions List (USML).

(1) Composition of U.S.

Munitions List categories..

Which items are subject to export controls?

Products subject to export controls include military and strategic goods and technology, softwood lumber, firearms, sugar and sugar containing products, peanut butter, logs, and U.S. -origin goods and technology.

How do I get ITAR certified?

You don’t receive ITAR certification from any organization. Instead you comply with ITAR regulations. And, you register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) to get approval to import and export products, data, and services covered by those ITAR regulations.

How do I get ITAR approval?

This includes the following steps:Determine Jurisdiction. … Review the ITAR. … Register with Directorate of Defense Trade Control. … Classify Your Goods Using the U.S. Munitions List. … Know the End Use and End User. … Apply for an Export License. … Fulfill Reporting Requirements. … Create and Maintain an Export Compliance Program.

How much does it cost to become ITAR compliant?

Registration: Any person who engages in the United States in the business of either manufacturing or exporting defense articles or furnishing defense services is required to register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. Fees: The set fee for new registrants is $2,250 (manufacturers/exporters and brokers).

How do I know if I need an export license?

EAR99 items generally consist of low-level technology, consumer goods, etc. and do not require a license in most situations. However, if your proposed export of an EAR99 item is to an embargoed country, to an end user of concern, or in support of a prohibited end use, you may be required to obtain an export license.

What is an export controlled item?

Export-controlled information or material is any information or material that cannot be released to foreign nationals or representatives of a foreign entity, without first obtaining approval or license from the Department of State for items controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), or the …

What is subject to ITAR?

ITAR are State Department regulations governing products, technologies and services developed for military use that are most often associated with defense and government contracts firms.

What is ITAR certified?

ITAR stands for The International Traffic in Arms Regulations and is a set of government regulations related to defense exports.

What falls under ITAR?

Specifically, ITAR [22 CFR 120-130]: Covers military items or defense articles. Regulates goods and technology designed to kill or defend against death in a military setting. Includes space-related technology because of application to missile technology.

What is ITAR free?

ITAR-free gets us into a very long discussion. ITAR is the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, which dictates technology that is covered by the military. … Commercial cameras, like those microbolometers that are sold at Home Depot, are free to export, and are not under military control.